Officine ALPI

In 1970 OFFICINE ALPI began its activity by manufacturing automation systems for various industry sectors. About the middle of the 70s it manufactured its first machines for the mushroom cultivation field.

OFFICINE ALPI acquired experience in the manufacturing activity and in the 80s it began exporting its products abroad as well. In 2007, with the prospect of offering its customers a more and more efficient and complete service, OFFICINE ALPI began a fruitful collaboration with the company AIR SYSTEM.

Working in synergy, from product design to product realization, OFFICINE ALPI and AIR SYSTEM are able to offer all those necessary technologies for the complete realization of compost facilities and mushroom farms.

In 2008 the first joint projects became operational.

All processing phases, from designing to the complete realization of machinery, are carried out inside the company with passion and commitment to the continuous research of technological solutions at the customer's service.